Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our Founding Team

The Polymathic Institute will start The Polymath with some articles, and standing advertisements for a 3 semester credit online course entitled 'Remediation for the Inappropriately Excluded' and an e-book store featuring titles of interest to Polymathicans.  In order to succeed, we will need a Founding Team.  This will include the following functions.

  • Article writers, we will need three to begin with who write one article every three weeks.  Because we have such a small writing staff to start with the writers will need to be notably polymathic.
  • Course creator.  I will necessarily take this main position, but we will need a person who is competent in the technical aspects.
  • We will need about 3 people to create and stock the e-book store.
  • We should have one person who starts the process of advertising sales
  • One circulations expert to run our subscription program
  • A financial person to handle payments and record keeping.
  • A layout person for The Polymath and the Archives
That is about a dozen people.  We probably will add a few more as we go as highly motivated participants search for their niche on the founding team.

Right now we have six people on our team, but only two have really been identified with a position.  So, if you want to become involved, let me know.

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