Saturday, January 9, 2016

Polymathica Charter Membership

I have a plan to build Polymathica by recruiting and deploying 300 Charter Members to The Polymathic Institute and P.E.N.  Each will be required to acquire 720 Polymathicans over a two year period.  I have already done this, so I know it is doable.  Of late my subscribers have not come from the proximate Facebook environment but rather from virality and key words.  To acquire 720 Polymathicans a blog will need, depending upon the quality, about 100,000 pageviews or about 4,000 per month.  So, it does not require a high volume blog.

At the end of this process, Polymathica will have gotten 210,000 members from the Charter Members and about 90,000 from organic growth for a total of 300,000.  However, this is just the beginning and over the next thirty months, it will grow three-fold per year (average of successful Internet enterprises) to around market saturation of 4.0 to 6.0 million Polymathicans.  At this level, Charter Members will be able to build a part time enterprise that will provide Information Age income and thereby finance their finely crafted life.

In 2008, Kevin Kelley wrote a seminal article, ‘1,000 True Fans’ in which he suggested that microniche creatives could make a livable income by finding 1,000 ‘true fans’ who would provide them with 100 USD each for a total of 100,000 USD.  However, because finding 1,000 true fans among the billion or so Internet users in the developed world is nearly impossible, the article was more inspiring than enabling.  Polymathica charter membership will change that for 300 people.

First, the 1,000 true fan model is overly constraining.  In reality the number of fans needed, how ‘true’ they must be and the amount received from each will vary from one creative to the next.  A median, however, will likely be 100,000 @ 10USD each.  For example, a singer/songwriter can produce one download album per year for 10 USD and the 100,000 ‘true fans’ don’t need to be all that true, since the expenditure is minimal.  On the other hand, an artist who produces limited run lithographs for $200 each may need only 5,000 ‘true fans’ but, because of the price point, they will need truer fans.

A novelist will be similar to a musician at 100,000x10USD.  Another common creative will be an audio ‘talk show’ host a la Rush Limbaugh.  The going rate for a premium subscription is about 50USD, so the business model is 20,000x50USD.  Premium newsletters are another option which have a going rate of about 25USD for a business model of 40,000x25USD.

In each case, I am using a 1,000,000USD total revenue model which, in most cases, will generate a personal income between 500,000USD and 750,000USD.  Of course, the model is a median and some Charter Members will realize more and some may realize less.  The most important takeaway is that the Charter Membership strategy will enable the ‘1,000 True Fan’ model which is essentially not feasible for an individual attempting it alone.

As a Charter Member, you will lead 720 Polymathicans to a subscription to the free newsletter, ‘The Polymath’.  You will have a unique referral code that will designate the subscriber as one of yours and will be counted toward your 720 requirement.  You will have direct access to not only your referral code signups, through you will have a group that will attract members from the Polymathicans brought in by the other 299 Charter Members.  This is the actual power of this strategy.  You are multiplying your access to potential ‘true fans’ by nearly 300 fold at no additional cost and very little additional work.

If your model is 30,000x35USD, you can get there by getting 30,000/300=100 from each Charter Member.  As Polymathica starts internally financing membership growth, this will become far easier.  If saturation is five million and the average Polymathican belongs to six groups, average group membership will be 5 million x 6 / 300 = 100,000 which supports a model of 100,000x10USD.

If your business model requires funding, the base Membership will be available for crowdfunding.  If you need collaborators or strategic partners, the Polymathica membership will be available for recruiting.  And, of course, group members can be e-mailed directly, since the group is essentially a web based, formatted e-mail list.  Lastly, the ad revenue created by site based page views (group and forum) will carry a 40% share for the group owner.

While Charter Membership gives you direct access to funders, collaborators and customers, it will still be up to the Charter Member to design a group and a business model that will be successful given the Polymathican profile. 

If you are interested in becoming a Charter Member, please join  This will require registration in Polymathica.

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