Thursday, January 14, 2016

Polymathica Group Administrators

I am searching for Charter Members to Polymathica who are interested in professionally moderating one of our Polymathica Groups.  I am moderator for ‘Remediation of the Inappropriately Excluded’ group and Ivan Shekerev will moderate ‘Increasing Lifespans/Healthspans’.  Ivan and I also moderate a few other groups but we should pass those off to others.  

Each group has an affiliated forum and the moderator should create an off-site (blogger or wordpress) blog or youtube channel.  
They are free to monetize this as they see fit, of course, and additionally, they will use it to direct people to the group and, thereby, to Polymathica.  In other words, this will grow both their group AND Polymathica.

The power of this is that every administrator will do this and since Polymathicans will join several groups, the joint activity will multiply their group membership.  My goal is that we have 300 groups and if each administrator brings 720 members (requirement over two years) and the average Polymathican belongs to 10 groups, the average group will have 7,200 members.

The group owner can mass e-mail all the members of their group, something that was once possible for Facebook groups of less than 5,000 but now is not.  They can use this as a weekly group newsletter and include links to their blog.  A typical income from a newsletter is about 35USD CPM.  In the above example that means $252 per week.  And that does not include the income from their blog or the revenue share on the group and forum page views (40% of total ad revenue.)

Also, that is just a start.  With a steady stream of advertising revenue coming to Polymathica, it will be able to begin organizational development campaigns that will bring our total membership over a few years to, perhaps, 4.0 million.  I support this number elsewhere.  That is 40,000,000 group memberships or 133,000 per group.  That works out to 4,655USD per week for the newsletter alone.

Clearly, with time, the monetizing options are enormous and, potentially, this can evolve into Information Age income for just a part-time commitment for administrators.  Some will choose to make this a full time commitment by operating two or even three groups.  Of course, while the icome potential is high, it will require a significant and sustained commitment to success.

Of course, they can use other social media platforms to recruit their group members.  If they are already running a group on Facebook or other social media platform, they can use that to build their Polymathica group.  I used the Polymathica group on Facebook to very quickly get 78 members, so it works well.  I expect, without much effort, I will get a few hundred from the group.

I can't emphasize this enough.  Curating and moderating a group is a lot of work.  On facebook, administrators do it and Mark Zuckerberg and his investors keep 100% of the ad revenue.  Also, they design the groups to thwart any effort you may undertake to some compensation.  That is not fair and in the end, because the groups are run by volunteers, it results in a poorer group.

In Polymathica, as a group administrator, you will receive 40% of the ad revenue generated and 100% of a facilitated newsletter.  That is fair and because you are being paid to create the best group possible, it will benefit group members, not Facebook stockholders.

If you are interested in curating and professionally moderating a Polymathica group/forum, join and apply for membership in the group administrator candidates group.

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