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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Polymathic Institute: The Vision and Charter Membership

Polymathica is a global community dedicated to intellectual sophistication and a nascent Culture of Affluence.  We are definitely very different from the mainstream cultures of Western civilization.  However, our principles are deeply embedded in Western traditions.  Certainly, one can find many parallels with Hellenic Greece.  It hearkens to the Enlightenment.  In fact, nearly all of the luminaries of the Enlightenment, if alive today, would be Polymathicans.

Right now, we have in several venues, about 3,500 Polymathicans.  However, based upon our sign up rate, our potential is about 4.2 million in Western civilization.  While approaching our market saturation will be a challenge, when accomplished, it will enable a broad spectrum of research, educational, career and lifestyle options.  And, of course, when the 'divorce' arrives, we will be ready to start the creation of Polymathican microstates.

Many of our Polymathicans are inappropriately excluded.  Quite literally, the tools of remediation simply do not exist today.  With Membership in the Polymathic Institute, an increasing set of tools of success will be brought into existence.  With these tools, achieve appropriate eminence will be quite feasible.

The Polymathic Institute promotes polymathic research, education, careers and lifestyles.  It will confer many benefits upon its Members.  Briefly, they are:

Special Queries of the Polymathica Membership List
Through our Group Administrators, The Polymath and general promotion, we are building a list of Polymathicans that it is estimated to reach 6,000,000 within 3 to 5 years.  Members of The Polymathic Institute will be able to query the Membership using Boolean operators applied to profile characteristics and/or group membership.  This is intended to be used in conjunction with e-mail contact and should be limited to small lists of candidates for collaboration, work-groups, etc.

Reward and Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns
Through The Polymath - Finance and Enterprise newsletter, members may contact the general Polymathica membership with crowdfunding offers. Because this will be considered reportorial and, as such, will be ad supported, there will be no additional cost to the Institute Member.

Private P.E.N. Groups
Polymathica Groups are intended to be for information and discussion and, with a free Polymathica registration, are open to all.  Polymathica Enterprise Network groups (shown as closed on the Polymathica Groups list) are open only to Institute Members. They are considered to be planning and work groups for the purpose of creating enterprises, research programs, white papers, etc.

Subscription to The Journal of the Polymathic Institute
The Polymathic Institute will be publishing a peer reviewed journal (pdf version only) that will contain articles by Institute Members.  In this way, The Polymathic Institute Membership is similar to Membership in professional organizations such as the AMA (JAMA), AICPA (Journal of Accountancy), etc.

JPI Publication Rights
The Journal of the Polymathic Institute is a professional publication for and by Members of the Polymathic Institute.  Consequently, in order to submit an article for peer review and publication in the Journal, one must be a Member of The Polymathic Institute.

Some Free Online Courses
I will be creating a few online courses that, while available to everyone for a fee, are so important to the culture of Polymathica that I will be providing them at no cost to the Associates and Fellows of the Institute.

Application for Certification
Since Polymaths must be autodidacts, in order to be certified as a Polymath by the Institute, one is not required to complete any coursework.  Certification is conferred primarily based upon articles published in JPI, other material may be submitted for consideration, which may include publication in other journals, books published, degrees conferred, etc.  Uncertified Institute Members are referred to as Associates while Certified Polymaths will be referred to either as Fellows or Senior Fellows.

Application for Grants
Through Public Relations, the Institute will strive to elevate the Certified Polymath designation to a level that will be sufficient for holders to be seriously considered for research grants from traditional sources.  However, in addition, the Institute will engage in ongoing fundraising for Research Funds specifically for its members.  Additionally, Members may use specialty crowdfunding platforms such as Experiment.com and 

Charter Members
Clearly, creating a robust Polymathic Institute is an enormous undertaking and will require the effort of many people.  Those who participate in its creation are different in kind than those Members who join at a later date when the benefits of membership are current rather than potential.  For this reason, I am creating a designation of 'Charter Member of The Polymathic Institute.' While prestige will accrue to the holder of the designation, the benefit of Charter Membership is more tangible in the form of a lifetime exemption, after the first year, from Membership fees.

We currently have about twenty Charter Members and I, at this point, am planning on offering it to about 300 people.  I believe that is enough to initiate serious activity with most of our primary goals.  After that Institute Membership will be raised to a competitive rate.

For a one time $300 Membership Fee, Charter Members will have lifetime access to all of the benefits of the Polymathic Institute.

In the future The Polymathic Institute Membership will be about the same as other professional associations.  The ABA is tiered up to $453 per year.  The AICPA is tiered to $435.  The AMA is tiered to $420.

However, while membership in The Polymathica Enterprise Network is currently a part of the dues for The Polymathic Institute and will remain so for Charter Members, it will eventually be a separate membership and will rise to a market level.  For example, Linkedin.com charges $59.99 per month for their Business Plus membership which is probably the most comparable for traditional business types.

So, for Charter Members, the $300 one time payment will likely cover an ongoing cost of around $900 per year for those who want to have membership in both.

I am doing this for the very simple reason that it is going to take some time to create Polymathica, including the premium memberships of P.E.N. and The Polymathic Institute, and those who are the 'first in' deserve some benefits over what will be received by those who come later, after the organization is more fully developed.

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