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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Membership in The Polymathic Institute

Today, I got a small glimpse of what it will be like to be a member of a mature Polymathic Institute.  To clarify what I mean by that, I am working now on building a group of 300 Charter Members, but based upon the ratio between signups and premium memberships on Linkedin, I expect that at maturity there will be about 30,000 members.

Polymathica will be populated with people in the upper 5% of the population in intellectual sophistication.  While it will have no entrance tests or requirements, by its nature, I expect the Institute will be normally distributed around about the top 0.1% in intellectual sophistication.  In that sense it will be one of the most intellectually exclusive 'clubs' in the world.

This morning I awoke to find links in my facebook notifications from two of our Charter Members to articles reporting on the creation of a beating human heart from stem cells.  Now, through Science Daily, et alia, current and comprehensive science news is available.  What was fascinating about this is that all three of us recognized this as an item of transcendent importance. Some of that is from polymathic knowledge and some is simply from a higher level of intellectual ability.

We are looking at the imminent emergence of replacement parts grown from our own stem cells.  No rejection, just the right conformation and function for our body.  This not only will increase healthspans, it could significantly increase lifespans.  The normative 100 year life may actually be within striking distance.

However, the point of this article is about The Polymathic Institute.  What will it be like to belong to a global organization of 30,000 Polymaths?  While such a group will never engage in 'group think', it will provide a set of fora through which dialogue can take place that will result in a generally superior and more objectively supportable world view as well as a superior understanding of futurity.

This is a group to which I desperately want to belong.  Like many of the inappropriately excluded, I have never been 'one of the guys.'  I have always been more than a little bit a stranger in a strange land.  The Polymathic Institute, in addition to promoting things very important to me, to wit, polymathic research, education, careers and lifestyles, will, put simply, be home.  A place where I actually belong.

To emphasize, anyone, similar to premium membership in Linkedin, can join The Polymathic Institute and will be designated as Associate.  After publication of articles in the peer reviewed Journal of the Polymathic Institute (JPI), Associates become candidates for Fellowship.  Upon a request for review, in addition to other submitted material and a oral defense, Members may become 'Certified Polymaths' and, at that time, will be designated as Fellow.  Later, upon nomination, a Fellow may be, based upon publications, designated as Senior Fellow.

We will either use the platform, Experiment.com or, if a Member wishes to undertake the project, create our own platform to fund polymathic research for our Associates and Fellows.  We will also, from the annual dues, undertake an aggressive PR campaign to increase awareness and respect for the designation, Certified Polymath.

Because of this, the Polymathic Institute will become a startup incubator and crowdfunder, an educational institution, a professional association and a research community.  This is truly a laudable project and I sincerely hope that individuals choose to become involved now, as a Charter Member, or later as we grow and mature.

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