Friday, March 4, 2016

Why you should administer/curate a Polymathica Group

Suppose you made strawberry shampoo. Your friends and acquantances tell you that it is very good strawberry shampoo. So you open up a bath store, but you only carry your strawberry shampoo. Are you likely to be successful? Of course not. You are not getting at the 99.999% of the potential customers who don't live near the store.Also, many people will come into the store and say, 'Well, your strawberry shampoo looks really good, but I 'm really looking for coconut shampoo or a bath towel.' In other words, you are paying for a lot of traffic that just isn't interested in the one thing you are selling. 

So, despite being a very good strawberry shampoo, your enterprise fails.Yet, that is precisely what people do when they start a blog. Like the strawberry shampoo needed other products to sell to the traffic it generated, your blog needs precisely the same thing. is the beginning of the equivalent of a national chain of bath shops within which to sell your strawberry shampoo, if your version of strawberry shampoo is an intellectually sophistiated blog, vlog, video, book, etc.

As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. Your 'strawberry shampoo' might be very good; it is just your marketing that is bad. Polymathica will be scouring the world for Polymathicans. There are an estimated 6,000,000 of them. We will be generating this niche market for the benefit of all those who want to provide it with products, services and content. As a Member of The Polymathic Institute and its Enterprise Network, you will do your part, but, really, it won't be that much effort. 

You will join, set up a group/forum related to the subject of your blog, vlog, etc. and then ask your contacts to join. To this point, you are a bath shop selling just strawberry shampoo. But there will be at least 200 such groups and they will be doing the same thing. Their contacts will be available to you as potential group members and readers. This should increase your group by at least ten times the number that you, personally bring it. Also, with a large number of registrants and group members, we will be able to create a broad advertising program with the revenue thus generated used to build the size of Polymathica. We should reach full size in under three years.

If you are the sort of person who can reasonably curate, administer, write, etc. for the Polymathican audience, this is an opportunity to create an Information Age income with part-time effort. Just join Polymathica, start a group and get going.

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