Sunday, December 24, 2017

Writers & Reviewers

In 2018 I will finally have my finely crafted life.  Why don't you come along with me and get yours at the same time?

For more than a few PEN members, writing some books is an important component of their finely crafted life.  That's convenient because Polymathicans read them - a lot of them. Ultimately we will have about 6 million Polymathicans and they read about 20 books per year.  That means that at an average of 100,000 copies sold, Polymathicans can support 1,200 authors.  With an average e-book price of $10 and a 70% royalty, the average income will be $700,000.

However, Pareto applies.  80% will be like me, not full time writers, but having a few books in them.  Of the 240 who primarily write books to monetize their finely crafted lives, they will generally earn $500,000 to $10,000,000 per year.
You can self publish to Amazon.  They will take 30% and they will only do very incidental promotion.  The PEN system also takes 30% but it very aggressively promotes each title through about 100 Leonardo book reviewers.
Leonardo reviewers find 24 or so titles per year and publish reviews. All 100 reviewers have on their page a link to all past titles.  They receive 15% on all sales.  50,000×24×$1.50=$1.8 million.
There is one last small number of PEN members who will start one or more bookbinders for those who want a hardcopy of ebooks.  This is a substantial improvement over the old system.  Customers can choose size, color, paper quality, etc.
So, in total, around 300 PEN Members will be engaged in this productive activity as their primary monetizing strategy and perhaps another 2,000 will engage in it intermittently.
We can succeed, create our finely crafted life, if we work together.  We all need the same tools and foremost among them is this subscriber list to The Polymath.  They are our investors, patrons, research funders, readers, customers, audience, etc.  They fit our 1.2σ Simonton Gap.  As remediation for the Inappropriately Excluded, they are the first, and most important, step.
If tomorrow is to be better than today it is because you did something to make it so.  Become a Founding Member of The Polymathic Institute and become involved in PEN.

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