Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Remediation in Brief

Whether you are part of the Inappropriately Excluded or not, the secret to success in life is to find your audience.  The problem with us Excluded is that with D15IQs primarily over 140 the Simonton gap says that our audience should have an IQ over 120.  That's problematical.  For those with IQs over 150, the problem becomes critical since your audience should average over 130.

It doesn't matter what your aspirations, they will not be realized until you have found your audience.  If you aspire to a job, you must find a boss and peers who belong to your audience.  If you aspire to novelist, you must find your audience, and at least 100,000 of them.  If you want to mobilize an army of citizen scientists to tackle big problems, you might need a million funders.

In other words, if you are a member of the Inappropriately Excluded, the first step to remediation is to acquire your audience.  And you simply cannot do that alone.  Hence the need for Membership in The Polymathic Institute.  Cooperatively we will assemble, through The Polymath and Leonardo, an audience of 5 million or more with a mean IQ of around 130.  With this tool you can begin working on your finely crafted life.  Never again do I want to hear, 'I have this great thing to do, but I don't have the money'.

Because acquiring audience is the first step in remediation, we will start with Leonardo and the Polymath.  However, because not everyone will be a writer and advertising revenue will likely be an initial challenge, the Founding Membership will have a somewhat broader set of goals.  

Leonardo is both critical and powerful. I intend it, personally, to be half of my personal monetization strategy.  While I've talked about 1,000 Leonardo Bloggers, Pareto applies and 4% or 40 will get the majority of action.  Of our 150 Founding Membership, I'm targeting about ⅓ or 50 for this activity.

The Polymath will publish 6 to 10 articles per week that have the broadest appeal and most often will come from Leonardo Bloggers or other Institute Authors.  

Our audience reads.  A lot.  In fact, the readers of The Polymath Blogs can probably support 500 fiction and nonfiction authors as well.

The marketing strategy for these books will be to utilize Editors⁄Reviewers who will have a Leonardo Blog and a column in a Lifestyle Supplement to The Polymath titled, The Finely Crafted Life.  They will receive a 15% commission on their created downloads.  I expect that we will have a few from our Founding Members.

Of course, we will need Members who produce The Polymath, it's supplements and provide system support for Leonard.  We will need st least five of them to start.

The Polymathic Enterprise Network will be an engine for advertising and two or more Ad Agencies will be needed.  While Founding Members may choose to pursue this opportunity, we will probably need to advertise specifically for this activity, as well.

Lastly, I suspect that many, perhaps most, of our Founding Members will pursue their own projects and will use PEN to acquire collaborators, crowdfunders and, for many, customers and/or clients.  For Creatives whose art appeals to our audience, I believe that "1,000 True Fans" will prove to be very pessimistic.

For people who wish to provide a product or service, The Polymath will provide access to potential crowdfunders.  When The Polymath matures, your reward crowdfunding will be presented to literally millions of potential supporters.  As a Founding Member you will get this for free.  Later members will pay a portion of the amount raised.  So, it will still be a cash flow positive and can be undertaken with absolutely no starting funds.

For artists seeking patrons ( or funding for independent research ( the same deal applies.

Simply put, my goal is to marshall the energies of polymathic members of the Inappropriately Excluded to create the tools of remediation.  Nobody will do this for us, but together we can do it for ourselves.  We just need 150 Founding Members to believe in themselves.  From there, we can grow to maturity.


  1. hi, I like your idea, and I have suffered the same issues re: not being able to find 'my audience', but have you considered that being smart or a polymath or whatever it is ... if you want to succeed in ANY case, you have to dumb your ideas down for the masses? that itself is a criteria for genius - not just being able to talk to yourself or people like yourself.

    I consider the period of finding other great minds as an incubation period, but in order to achieve true, great, lasting success, you have to put yourself in the shoes of those who have not done the work or are as gifted as you are.

    1. Please read The Inappropriately Excluded with attention to Simonson. You are logically going down a road that many of us have trod. When it doesn't work, Simonson will tell you why.