Polymathic Institute Founding Members

The Polymathic Institute will promote polymathic research, education, careers and lifestyles.  

If you are polymathic and inappropriately excluded, your probability of becoming included through personal effort is almost non-existent.  The Polymathic Institute is intended to provide tools of remediation for its members.  As the old saw goes, 'United we stand; divided we fall.'  As Garth Zietsman says of the IQ range from which at least half of us come (D15IQ 153+), 'A common experience with people in this category or higher is that they are not wanted - that the masses (including the professional classes) find them an affront of some sort.'  We simply cannot overcome that level of bias by ourselves.

Membership in the Polymathic Institute provides several advantages.
  • You will become an Associate in what may be the most intellectually intense community in the world.  While the Prometheus Society has an entrance requirement of 160 D15IQ, it places no emphasis on erudition, objectivity or discipline.  In other words, its members are smart, but not necessarily intellectually sophisticated.
  • You will receive and have publication privileges in the Journal of the Polymathic Institute.  Its purpose is to provide a peer reviewed outlet for polymathic research.  Publication in JPI will be used as a central criterion for the conferring of the designation of Certified Polymath.
  • You will have membership in the Polymathica Enterprise Network.    P.E.N. will provide you with an opportunity rich and success prone productive environment with access to investors and customers among Polymathica and collaborators within P.E.N. 
  • D.K. Simonton found that people are most persuasive to groups with a mean IQ about 1.2 standard deviations below their own.  For us, that group will center at about 134, which will be about the mean IQ of Polymathica.  Through The Polymath, its sister publications and a social media site, you will be able to find your audience.
  • There is currently no official status for Polymaths.  In other words, it is a term that is considered pretentious to claim for oneself and is used only parsimoniously to describe others.  Through a review of publications in JPI, submission and review of a thesis and/or through oral defense, the Polymathic Institute will grant the designation of Certified Polymath. 
  • Members who are not Certified may refer to themselves as Associates of The Polymathic Institute.  Certification brings with it the title of Fellow of the Polymathic Institute and, upon nomination and review by committee, some will be designated Senior Fellows.
  • The Polymathic Institute will engage in aggressive public relations to promote the notion of polymathy and enhance the reputation of Certified Polymaths.  The average PhD has an IQ of 123; the most eminent scientists, judges and executives have a characteristic IQ of 146.  Therefore, with a mean IQ in excess of 153, Certified Polymath has the potential to become the most prestigious designation, bar none.
  • The Polymathic Institute will create and promote both a Polymathic Research Fund and, through P.E.N., a Polymathica Start Up Equity Fund.  It will also promote Members to outside granting agencies through its aggressive PR program.

This is an enormous undertaking that will profoundly enhance the ability of Institute Associates and Fellows to achieve Information Age affluence and finely crafted lives.  

The creation and development of the Polymathic Institute will require the efforts of many Members.  Any undertaking this large must be broken down into interim goals.  For us, at this time, the goal is to acquire 150 Founding Members.  These Founders of the Institute will have preferences within the Institute.

A finely crafted life is one that describes and enables one's essential self and roughly corresponds to the practical achievement of Maslow's 'self actualization' or highest level of personal needs.  Because of this, it is assumed that the majority of Institute Associates and Fellows, through the tools of remediation developed within the Institute will enjoy an Information Age level of affluence as briefly described in The Transformation.  It is necessary for a finely crafted life that the preferred lifestyle is adequately funded, not through a job, but through the incidental monetization of one's passions.

Charter Members will create the tools for Associates and Members to achieve a finely crafted life and by doing so will achieve it earlier rather than later for themselves.

While there are no specific qualifications for Institute Membership, it is for the most intellectually sophisticated among us.

Polymathica is a global community of intellectual sophistication.  However, it is mostly a nascent culture that cherishes life long learning, intellectual pasttimes and the erudition that comes from it.  The Polymathic Institute, on the other hand, is a professional organization.  It promotes polymathic research, education, careers and lifestyles.  While they all benefit the Polymathican, the goals are pursued directly for the benefit of the Institute Members.

As I discuss in the article so titled, Intellectual Sophistication, it is the intersection of intelligence, erudition, objectivity and discipline.  Each is necessary but none is sufficient.  Of these, however, the one that is least amenable to modification through effort is intelligence.  95% of our Institute Members will have IQs between 137 and 169. 

Founding Membership is a commitment of time, effort and resources.  But for many, the financial and non-financial rewards will more than compensate them.

Founding Members make a commitment to the Institute of a one time $300 payment to cover the administrative costs of Polymathica and the Polymathic Institute, and to build our membership.

For this, they will have lifetime membership in both the Polymathic Institute and its Enterprise Network.  Once established, it is expected to be around the same cost as Linkedin premium membership and the annual membership costs of most professional organization (AMA, ABA, AICPA, etc.).  

I am essentially 'giving away the store' because it is the best way to assure Polymathica success.  I will need to give a 'deal' to someone and who better than our core group.

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