Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Polymath and The Polymathica Villages

I am sick and I'm trying to rest, but my brain doesn't actually ever stop.  We have this amazing opportunity to grow Polymathica to its full potential.  Briefly, by posting articles to The Polymathic Institute page and encouraging subscription to The Polymath, I am adding subscribers for 40¢ - 50¢ each.  That is a stunning number because The Polymath, alone, given proper execution, should generate that much free cash flow per month.

While, operationally impossible, financially, we are able to double our circulation every month.  That means that, after a successful crowd funding, we can focus on producing and monetizing the best magazine we can.  Subscriber acquisition is handled.

The Polymath subscriber is often more than a reader of intellectually sophisticated articles; often subscribing is a statement of identity.  It says 'I am intellectual.  I am committed to lifelong, polymathic learning.  I am disinclined to a dissolute lifestyle'.  In other words they are a Polymathicans.

While few will grant its practicality, many Polymathicans are attracted to the Polymathica Villages (note the tab).  It is not a Utopian vision, though, for the Polymathican, it is such a vast improvement over the Mediocracy and the resultant,  inappropriate exclusion, that the distinction is moot.

I have assumed that it is a project for my dotage - impractical prior to 2030.  I have assumed that I may observe its birth, but that younger, more vigorous Polymathicans will midwife the first Polymathican microstate.

I think that periodic infirmity may not be without some compensatory benefits.  Since I am unable to focus on problems to my usual degree, I give associative mental processes more emphasis.  So it is today.  I realized that the ability to increase circulation of The Polymath to 4-5 million in three years also changes the timetable for the Polymathica Villages.

The reason is that The Polymath provides over 60 million USD of highly productive annual advertising to P.E.N.  members which, in turn, enables 3 billion USD of enterprise revenue.  It also enables project crowdfunding, Polymathica TV and Polymathican education and certification.  In other words, we will have many members capable of acquiring a finely crafted life and able to start a Polymathica Microstate within five years.

Initiating a Polymathica Microstate has a multiplier effect.  It works like this.  Suppose a family of four that has recently acquired a 1.5 million USD 'live anywhere' income decides to move to the Polymathica Villages.  They sell their house, pay off their mortgage and buy a 4 million USD house in the Polymathica Villages, taking out a 3.5 million USD mortgage.

The sale creates a 120,000 USD commission for the agent.  It also creates 60,000 USD commission and securitization profit for the mortgage.  The contractor gets a 272,000 USD profit.  The selling price includes 960,000 USD of fabrication labor. While the family brings 1.5 million USD of annual income, the first year, through borrowing, they bring over 3.0 million of income to island income.

The family will need doctors, lawyers, teachers, public safety personnel.  They will shop, eat at restaurants, patronize the arts, etc.  As a general rule 50% of their purchases are income to other Polymathicans who spend it with 50% becoming income for other Polymathicans, etc.  So, we have 1+.5+.25+.125..... = 2.  However, primary immigrants will have at least 2X the Microstae median, so every primary immigrant will create two secondary immigrants.

That means that we will need 33,333 primary immigrants over ten years who will be acquired from 4 million Polymathicans.  That is 33,333/4,000,000 = .833%.  We currently have 2,600 Polymathicans × .833% = 21.6 primary immigrants.  I am confident we have that many.

In the end, these Polymathican villages and microstates fuel my vision.  Right now we need to focus on The Polymath because it creates the global community of Polymathica which enables everything else.  But in the end the triumph will be in Microstates that express Polymathican ideals.

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