Saturday, October 24, 2015

Polymath, Visionary and Indefatigable Change Agent

I define myself as a Polymath, visionary and indefatigable change agent.  It is a self-definition that I wish was more common among the intelligent.  The world needs more of them.  Polymathica absolutely needs them.

As a Polymath, I have dedicated my life to learning.  I am capable of reading with comprehension peer reviewed articles in dozens of fields in the natural and social sciences.  Over the years, I have become quite expert in several fields including Economics, Psychometrics, Business theory and practice, Philosophy, Statistics, Physics, Population Genetics, to name a few.  

I have a number of standing search strings at Google Scholar.  So, after I have checked my e-mail and had my morning coffee, I start my day with Abstracts.  If any of the articles appear to be worthy of a full read (which actually isn't very common), I tag it for later in the day. 

I then scan a series of online newspapers, including Guardian, The Economist,,,, al Jazeera America, et alia.  This allows me to see different takes on the same events as well as gain an understanding of who is being made of aware of which news stories.  Right now, the Syrian military actions are the point of greatest divergence in reporting.

Surprisingly, it also leads me back to some peer reviewed papers.  For example, today The Economist drove me to a Nature article on  important experimental results on Bell's Theorem 

I call myself a visionary because, dispositionally, my interest is primarily in how things could be better than they are today.  The global Western civilization of free markets and liberal democracy arguably has given us the best time in history.  However, that is good, only if one grades on a curve.  I do not.  On an absolute scale, I would give it a C- at best.

We have an opportunity during the Transformation to create the first true Golden Age of Mankind, with liberty, justice and universal affluence.  I discuss this in my blog under the pages The Transformation, Cultures of Affluence, The Finely Crafted Life, and Rise of Microstates.  The world I envision is far different than the world of today.  And, because it is multicultural, it does not depend upon my personal notions of what is good or better.

For example, currently there are many neomarxist movements sprouting up everywhere, primarily using the coming wave of technological unemployment and the resultant income disparity as a tool to argue for large institutionalized income transfers.  I am not in favor of them.  However, I am in favor of allowing proponents of these visions to create microstates where their particular brand of neomarxism is implemented.  Everyone, if they have at least a few thousand compatriots, should have a shot at their utopian vision.

My vision, and I think there are quite enough compatriots in this to eventually make it a reality, is to create a Polymathican microstate(s).  I explore the idea deeply at the end of the page 'Rise of Microstates.'

Indefatigable Change Agent
I am also an indefatigable change agent.  This is important because, despite the thankless nature of the activity, I am forever attempting to mobilize people to begin the process of creating the Information Age civlization.  I try to argue from several perspectives.  Some people, I hope, are visionaries and will be motivated by the nature of the vision.  However, also, people who stay on the forefront of the Transformation will also be among the people who achieve Information Age careers and income well in advance of the general population.

Hyperintellectuals (160+ D15IQ) people are strongly inclined toward being lotus eaters who consider small group arguments as the height of action.  That is a generalization, of course, and as a change agent, I am constantly trying to find the exceptions.  It is a thankless job, but I will never stop doing it.

To this end, I do need to find people of action to create Polymathica, complete with a web presence and The Polymath magazine.  Our first step is to create curated groups/forums that will, over time, through blogs, advertising, etc. build Polymathica into the multi-million member community that it should be.

We also need to create educational systems and certification processes for Polymaths.  This will be useless if we do not, also, have people who are promoting the value of a Certified Polymath.  The most powerful argument will be the contribution of our Certified Polymaths, so, despite the current lack of respect, we need to find people who are willing to be pioneers in certification.

So, A Call to Action
A global network of culturally and values defined microstates is an inevitable outcome of the Transformation and I believe that Polymathica will be one of those Cultures of Affluence that eventually will be manifested in many microstates.  While the Libertarian City-State of Honduras looks like it will be the first, I believe that Polymathica can be one of the first few microstates.  However, we first need to make the first step.  In order to do that, it must attract more than just I as a Polymath, visionary and indefatigable change agent.

Perhaps you?  If so, subscribe to The Polymath and join our group

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