Friday, February 26, 2016

Growing Polymathica

I originally planned on growing The Polymathic Institute, Polymathica and The Polymath using Facebook's page boosts.  I did because Polymathicans exhibit 'birds of a feather' behavior.  In other words their Facebook friends are far more likely to be appropriate for Polymathica than the general population.  The boost program puts the page post on a fan's timeline in the way a share would do.

While it works well, Facebook got greedy and wants far too much for it.  So, I needed to find a different route to succcess.  I believe that I have done that.  While paid word of mouth is straightforward, there is no reason we can't use incentivized word of mouth and that is what we are going to do.

If our Polymathicans, on average, bring in two new Polymathicans in the first two weeks, we will reach our market saturation of six million within one year! For the uninitiated, that doesn't sound too hard.  However, it is very, very hard. It is not undoable, though.

The secret to this is understanding Pareto Distributions (80-20 rule).  The way the numbers work out, 40% of Polymathicans will recruit zero Polymathicans, 40% will recruit one Polymathican, 16% will recruit two Polymathicans, 3.2% will recruit, on average, eight Polymathicans and 0.8% will recruit, on average, 128 Polymathicans.

This will work because we will recruit a couple hundred Polymathicans to create groups and they will promote these groups.  When they bring their contacts into the group, they are also bringing them into Polymathica.  As members of Polymathica, they will receive The Polymath, the website's general newsletter that will grow into a full scale weekly pdf magazine.  In that periodical, I will promote the idea of Polymathica and encourage that they share links on their social media, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

I started promoting on facebook and within about two weeks, I had 50 members.  Since then I have been adding three or four per week, mostly through my blog.  My point is that the 128 required is not difficult for group owners with a little effort.  The 3.2% who are advocates, but not group owners, who need to get eight members can usually do this simply by sharing the links they receive from the groups to which they belong.

I will write in a separate post about being a Group Admin.



  1. I can help with this too. I've been collecting people. Are you verifying or just figuring they'll drop out if they can't keep up?

  2. Sorry, it took me so long to get back to you. I am undergoing cancer treatment and I took a sabbatical from this. The latter.