Thursday, February 1, 2018

My Life Goals

What does want from life?
Does one have goals or does one drift from one impulsive activity to the next.  Frankly, until two weeks ago my goals in life were dictated by others.  I have lived an obscure life, not because it was what I wanted, but because I had obligations and hardships that took precedence.  However, now my children are grown, my cancer s behind me and, though my wife and I have aspirations for more, our life is financially stable and our time is our own.

So, I have six goals for the rest of my life, which I fully expect to encompass at least another 25 years (it is what I promised my wife when we married).  They are as follows:

  1. My wife and I want to see the world.  I'll leave it at that.
  2. I want to participate in the creation of The Polymathic Institute, which will promote polymathic research, education, careers, community and lifestyles.  I will know I have succeeded when a person might ask, "What do you do?" and the answer, "I'm a Polymath" won't seem strange.  There are many parts to this, The Polymathic Academies, Polymath Certification, The Polymath, Leonardo, Polymathica, and more.  But the goal is singular, to make being a Polymath, rather than a Specialist, a viable life option.
  3. I have three books in me.  Each I consider extremely important, even groundbreaking.  The first is "The Transformation: The emerging golden age of Man".  I summarize it in the tab "The Transformation" and elaborate on it in several tabs.  But it all needs to be brought together in a comprehensive treatment.  
  4. "Before the Flood" Somewhere in East Africa 400kya to 300kya a small population of archaic humans became reproductively isolated and began evolving into anatomically modern humans, finally moving out of their home and into the Levant about 100kya.  During this time the population fixed on one mtDNA and one Y Chromosome, creating the 'mitochondrial Eve' and the 'Y Chromosomal Adam' from whom we are all descended.  Over the next 70ky modern humans expanded over all of Eurasia, Africa and Australia, replacing archaic humans everywhere.  Then about 20kya the ice age ended, glaciers melted, the earth was flooded as massive amounts of meltwater moved accross the land and to the oceans, raising sealevel over 100 meters.  Whatever flood was referenced in the Bible and other ancient texts, this meltwater flood was, by far, the largest flood ever experienced by modern humans.  Soon after the flooding ended and the Holocene began.  At this point agriculture and then civilization emerged independently in at least three different places at about the same time.  The story is seriously hinky and drawing on several subjects I infer a more believable story of what happened Before the Flood.
  5. On Being Human.  Here I will look at several aspects of what makes us what we are.  First, will be a large section entitled Paleosociology.  The basic idea is that our ancestors began 6mya - 4mya as a species from which humans, chimps and bonobos all descended.  As we see today chimps and bonobos display culture most of which appears to be primarily genetically determined but some of which appears to be learned.  As the precursor to humans moved out of the forest and into the savanna their social structure needed to change.  How it changed can be inferred from the survival pressures to which the nascent species needed to adapt.  The different environment led, somehow, to a growing brain and more complex social structures.  Simultaneously, as cranial volume increased, a larger portion of the Paleosociology became learned.  Today, much of human behavior is perplexing  However, if the Paleosociology is properly described, it should all make sense.  Simultaneously, as I discuss briefly in "The Inappropriately Excluded" IQ differences in combination with the Simonton Gap creates the fine structure of modern society.  There are essentially five levels, 1) 140+ are dominated by the Inappropriately Excluded, 2) the Elites are 113-139, 3) 96-112 are the Engaged, 4) 76-95 are the Pros and 5) are the Dependents.  It's much more complex, of course, and I will discuss it.  Lastly, with a full understanding of the Paleosociology and the 'Natural Castes' caused by the Simonton Gap, I will look at how one might structure an efficient and just society.
  6. The Rise of Microstates: I will start with at least two first principles of Information Age political philosophy.  They are 1) No person should be required to live under a body of laws, policies and programs that they consider to be fundamentally unjust and 2) sovereignty is held severally by every individual and may be irrevocably aggregated through an uncoerced affirmation of a social contract. In combination these two principles validate an absolute right to Secession when to do otherwise would violate either of these principles.  I will then undertake an historical and economic analysis of past and present Microstates.  I then will look at principle 1 to determine how many sets of laws, programs and policies there are likely to be.  I will also consider whether similar Microstates are likely to affiliate in commonwealths.  Lastly, I will look at Polymathica as a possible basis for Microstate and describe such a Microstate' on the Bahamian island of Santana Caye.  As a possible 7. If feasible, I may attempt to build it.
This is a whole lot of work and will likely occupy the remainder of my productive life.  This will be my finely crafted life.

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