Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Personal Goal

I have a career vision.  I want to write a Leonardo blog, publish, perhaps, four articles per year for the Polymath and write books, such as Before the Flood.  It will be a gracious, affluent lifestyle and quite achievable.  But it does require a successful Polymath Institute, which is great, because I do want to become a Certified Polymath and I believe that one of my books, probably Paleosociology would be an acceptable thesis.

Leonardo requires about 300 to 350 bloggers, each of whom has about 40,000 subscribers.  Through the Newsletters, each of our articles will get about 200,000 readers that comes from a pool of about 800,000 semiregular readers.  These numbers are important.

When mature, the network will have at least 300×200,000=60,000,000 article reads and 500,000,000 weekly page views.  This will constitute about 200 million USD income or an average of 650K USD per blogger.

This will generate about 40 million USD of ad agency revenue per year.  This will likely require 60 ad agents with 600K USD income per year.  5% of ad revenue will go through the Polymath Institute for administering the Network.

The Polymath will be a PDF weekly news magazine.  It will publish about 100 pages per week and will generally compete with The Economist.  Articles will mostly come from Leonardo bloggers.  My goal is about 50 pages per year.  Some Leonardo bloggers will publish more, but many bloggers will not pursue this opportunity, at all. At maturity, writing for The Polymath will pay about 15K USD per page.  The Polymath will need about 40 more ad agents.

I also, like many Polymaths, I suspect, will write some books.  The full fan of my blog readership will be about 800K readers.  With 5% purchase rate I will sell 40K books per year and net about $285K USD per year.

About half the ads will come from institute Members who are independent Polymaths, funding through KickStarter, GoFundMe, Patreon, Experiment, etc.  We will need about 500 of them.

So, I will need a full Network of about 300 writers, 100 ad agents, about 10 editors, 10 administrators and 500 independent Polymaths.  That is nearly 1,000 Institute Members.  It would be nice if I could just write, but it is not practical, as it isn't for all the other Members.  Together, this is doable.  Apart, it is not.  Not even close.

Now, my income expectation is 650K USD blogging, 700K USD from The Polymath articles and 300K USD from books for a total of 1,650K USD.  That will be average for Institute Members.

We can do this.  Political pundit Dick Morris has 460K subscribers.  Surely, we can average 40K and that is all it takes to earn Information Age income as a Polymath.

But you must commit. 

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