Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Polymath Kickstarter $50 Contribution

I am doing a Kickstarter campaign for $2,000 - $25,000 followed quickly by an equity crowdfunding for $250,000-$500,000, most likely through for the purpose of launching The Polymath, a weekly PDF magazine publishing nonpartisan analysis and commentary at the very highest level of intellectual sophistication.

Background for those new to The Polymath

I have already tested a scalable Facebook advertising strategy that is acquiring subscribers at less than 50¢ each.  Even better, I have reason to believe that breakthrough phenomena may lower this initial cost.

Our writers will be the most intellectually sophisticated individuals in the world.  Intellectual sophistication is a function of intelligence, erudition and intellectual discipline. We will need about 30 regular writers and they will come primarily from the 500,000 smartest people in Western civilization.  Our Editors will search for them, but The Polymath will be a magnet for them, as well, so over time it will become progressively easier to find them.

Monetizing The Polymath presents a challenge and we will need to recruit a few experienced advertising sales people. They will sell ads directly but for the most part, ads will come from ad agencies.  Over the long term the Polymathic Enterprise Network will provide most of the advertising revenue.

Our market is the top 2% of the population in intellectual sophistication.  This is 26 million 16+  y.o. in Western civilization.  My blogs suggest that there are the equivalent of 7 million in the rest of the world, for a total market of 33 million.  This suggests that my goal of 4 million subscribers in three years, given that it is a free subscription, is reasonable.

The $50 Reward

The Kickstarter campaign is going to rely primarily on two contribution levels.  The $25 level is rewarded with The Future 101 e-book and an e-certificate recognizing the contributor as a primary founder of The Polymath.

The $50 level comes additionally with a coupon for one free footer ad in the issue of your choice.  This actually is an opportunity for the non-accredited investor to participate in the success of the Polymath to a proportionate degree as the accredited investors of the equity crowfunding.

After the Kickstarter campaign our circulation should be 20,000 and your ad coupon is worth $40.  After the equity funding (in 6 months to a year) our circulation will be 300,000 and your coupon will be worth $600.  If we achieve our goal of 4 million, which I am confident we will, your coupon will be worth $8,000.  This is similar to my estimate of the value of $50 of equity purchased in the Fundable crowd funding campaign.

You may contribute as many $50 increments as you wish and you will receive a coupon for each.  If you are interested, be sure to subscribe to The Polymayh if you have not only done do.

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