Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Polymath Prepaid Ads. Bitcoin Level Returns?

Imagine you could go back and buy Bitcoin at $100 or that you had bought and held Microsoft's IPO.  Certainly it's too late for these now.  Bitcoin would need to go to $3,000,000 to get the same return now.  Microsoft is so huge it can't grow very much more than 5% or 10% per year.  Yes, your hindsight is 20/20.  But how good is your foresight?  Do you or will you make the right decision when and if you are presented with the next Bitcoin?  Or will you pass on it again?
The Polymath prepaid ad program is, perhaps, such an opportunity.  They are $50 each.  With our compensated word of mouth campaign we are shooting for 4,000,000 subscribers within 2 years.  If we are successful, your ad will likely be worth 12,000 USD.  $50 to $12,000 in two years is definitely Bitcoin territory.
We have one purchaser who is holding 16 ads.  He stands to turn his $800 investment into $192,000.  He understands its a risk.  In what world are 240X gains in two years not risky?  But he believes in the Polymath and, as an entrepreneur, he's a risk taker.
We are only selling 500 of these and right now (Dec. 12, 2017) 91 of them are gone.  Very soon they likely will all be gone.  So, their market value may actually increase faster than their current value as an ad.  Through The Polymath we will provide an exchange which will provide early liquidity.
Securities laws will not allow us to warrant this, but if you think about it, it very likely will be in our best interest to offer equity in The Polymath in exchange for the prepaid ads.  As ads are redeemed they will depress our cash flow and equity will not.  So, while we cannot warrant it, you may want to consider the possibility that prepaid ads may be a route to an equity position.
Lastly, you could use the ads at some point.  You may already have a reason to talk to four million of the most intellectually sophisticated people in the world.  Or at some point you may start or join a PEN enterprise and your ads are contributed capital, increasing your equity share.
Both Microsoft and Bitcoin are huge and hundreds of thousands of investors stood to reap huge capital gains.  While the percent gains could be comparable, the scale of prepaid ads is tiny by comparison.  We have sold 91 ads to 18 people for an average of about 5 each.  If that average holds, the remaining 409 ads will go to just 82 people.  In the end perhaps only 100 people may hold by them all. 
We all take risks in life.  Casinos and State Lotteries make huge money pedalling losing risks to people who are hoping that they will be the exception who wins.  It does, in fact, happen, though that isn't the way to bet. The stock market offers opportunities that in total experience reasonable gains.  Some stocks can realize enormous gains.  The stock price in one of the first companies I worked for increased 160X in the seven years I worked there.
The Polymath prepaid ad campaign offers the potential for similar gains and that should be part of the attraction.  However, like the fellow with16 ads, we hope that the purchasers will also be motivated by a belief in The Polymath.  There should be a magazine without bias and not dumbed down in an effort to gain readers.
Below is a PayPal button to the ads purchase page.  You will receive an e-voucher attesting to your ownership.  Once all ads are sold out we will create a secondary market and publish the current bid and ask in The Polymath.
Michael Ferguson

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