Monday, December 18, 2017

The Polymathic Institute in 500 Words

Between 60K and 120K people will join the Polymathic Institute (PI) and have their lives profoundly transformed for the better.  Members will have a mean D15IQ of 150 with a 7 point standard deviation.  They will be from the Inappropriately Excluded and while their intellectual ability is at the 99.97%'ile, neither their professional attainment nor their income is even remotely close to that.
We are going to fix that.  With our Plan for Development and just a little effort, you can go from zero to your wildest dreams in under two years.
First you will,
1) join CWoM and use some of the proceeds to join the Polymathic Institute or
2) hit your warm market for a reward crowdfunding and use some of the proceeds to join PI or
 3) pay the $300 membership fee.
Then hit your warm market to subscribe to The Polymath.
That's it.  You are now ready to build and monetize your finely crafted life.  But that is a different topic for a different day.  But, it's pretty damn cool.
In less than one year we will build The Polymath subscriber list to about 4 million.  These readers will come from the top 5% of the population in intellectual sophistication.  That perfectly matches the D. K. Simonton gap for PI  members, i.e., you.  They will become your investors, 'true fans', patrons, donors, grant funders, readers, customers, etc.  Whatever monetizing strategies you need to fund your finely crafted life, they will provide you with a sufficient resource and, according to Simonton, you will be persuasive.
Our Plan for Development is feasible and we have already successfully started it.  It works like this.
In The Pareto of Virality, we see that just 4% of meme recipients decide, with their behavior, if it goes viral.  So, pointed at them, we have a compensated word of mouth campaign (CWoM).  Our assumptions are that the average CWoM participant will create 140 subscribers and, of those, 3 will become CWoM participants.
This tells us that our new subscribers will be 3ⁿ×140 in each generation of CWoM participant.  The math works out that we exceed 4,000,000 subscribers in the 9th generation.  Based upon our current experience, a generation should average a month.  So, we are currently projected to reach the inflection point of our growth curve in under one year.

For members of the Inappropriately Excluded, this resource is sufficient for remediation.  We're smart.  We should all understand the dynamic.  And, we should understand that the only thing standing between us and the monetization of our finely crafted life is our own behavior.  So, you most certainly should get involved.

There, less than 500 promised.

First, if you have not, subscribe to The Polymath.  It is our primary mode of communication.  Your referral code is 032950

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 If you are already familiar with The Polymathic Institute and the Polymathica Enterprise Network, its time to make a decision.  If you join right now, your first year membership fee will provide you with lifetime membership.

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